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    Illegal Gallery Presents: Artist Submission:  Joe Bun Keo

    Joe Bun Keo

    Artist Statement:

    "I love semantics! English was my second language and I am still discovering all of its nuances and possibilities of wordplay. I use materials from dollar, hardware, and thrift stores. The cheaply made kitschy aesthetic of mass-produced novelties and everyday utilitarian items serve as simple and straightforward vessels to deliver visual punch lines that touch base on issues such as cultural identity and the complexities of linguistics.

    Subtlety is key. Just ask Lil Wayne: “… real G’s move in silence like lasagna…”- “6 Foot 7 Foot”, featuring Cory Gunz”


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    Berlin photographed by Kevin Gavidia.

    I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful city of Berlin last week and it was quite incredible. I was equipped with my analog camera and a few rolls of colored 35mm film. Berlin is one of those cities that I just keep on wanting to go back to because there is this relationship that has been built between us. Even though I have only been there twice, there is this understanding that we have for each other. It’s very strange to compare yourself to a city but Berlin and I are in similar stages of our ‘lives.’ This city was destroyed, and from destruction it was rebuilt to what stands today. Youth is a theme in this city because Berlin is young, and that is why this city attracts me. It is a part of life to occasionally crumble, but it also is a part of life to get back up when you do crumble. When I walk the streets of Berlin, I am surrounded by hope. I am able to see a city that stands tall and proud after destruction. I walk down the streets and smile because in the inside, I understand what it feels like to fall on your face, and get right back up. (Posted by Kevin)

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    Illegal Gallery Presents: Artist Submission: Samuel Delgado

        Samuel Delgado (1981,Barcelona) studied Illustration at the Joso Comic School and the School of Applied Arts and Crafts of Barcelona, Escola La Massana.

     In 2008, he started to work at the  animation studio Acció de Cerdanyola , and began to play with the whole subject of illustration and graphic design. 

    In 2012, in collaboration with T & B Publishers, Azpiri, DKIllerpanda and others, made illustrations for “The Mark of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” published for the week International Fantastic and Horror Film Festival of the Costa del Sol.

    Later, took dig exhibitions of his work (“Herbari Floral” in the Liceu and Las Ramblas) and performed great pictorial interventions in Brno (Rep. Cheka) under the tutelage of Petr Kvíčala.

    Currently, he self-edits (along with other illustrators and writers) “Ll Cripta”, a comic magazine, horror stories, and makes painting projects.

    He also has contributed to titles and events such as “Cryptshow”, “Cardoterror” (Fantastic and Horror Film Festivals), and exhibitions, “Cryptonomicon VI”


    View more of his amazing work at: http://www.behance.net/samueldelgado

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    Axel Verdugo García. 22 years old. I started writing when I was 16 until I eventually focused on visual art and performance. I’ve been painting with oils for a year. I’m interested in the subconscious and the development of the quantic theory.

    Check out more work here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.627671527256817.1073741828.627659940591309&type=3

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    "Mermaid Parade (That Time We Rode Our Bikes To Coney Island)"
    by Andrea Garcia


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    Berlin | Photographed by Kevin Gavidia.

    I was able to visit the very young city of Berlin earlier this year and here are some photographs that I captured with my film camera. I post these because I will be revisiting Berlin next week and will be blogging from there next week. (Posted by Kevin).

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    Illegal Gallery Presents:

    Featured Goodies: Kyra Cuevas

    A series of storage units/mini furnitures inspired by scrap wood from architectural models. 

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       Yeti is a three piece girl band from the south shores of Staten Island. Led by Julia with vocals and guitar, Jenna on bass and Rena on drums, Yeti’s music is down-tempo indie rock. They recently released their first album, “White Devil,” for free online.

     Check em out at



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    Axel Verdugo García. 22 years old. I started writing when I was 16 until I eventually focused on visual art and performance. I’ve been painting with oils for a year. I’m interested in the subconscious and the development of the quantic theory.

    Check out more work here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.202665486553024.1073741836.195332957286277&type=1&fb_source=message

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    Urban Caravan: Introducing The Artists.

     “URBAN CARAVAN: 3RD RAIL EXHIBIT” is a showing of work displayed in the space of subway stations and stops. A traveling exhibit of selected NY Native Artists. The first location is at the 14nth Street Union Square station, we will be following the N line, making stops on 34th street Herald square, 42nd Street Times Square, then we switch it up and hop on the 1 train for the grand finale on Columbus Circle.


    Maria Ladias

    Irene Maropakis

    Theadora Hadzi

    Kendra Torres

    James Guo

    Carmen Quang

    Kiara Alvarado Villar*

    Kevin Gavidia*


    Facebook Instagram | Twitter 

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